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Tom Olmstead
Thomas Olmstead Ph.D.

Thomas Olmstead Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry


  • Chemistry

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Phone: (619) 644-7483
Office: 30-228



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CHEM 102  Introduction to General, Organic and Biological Chemistry

Course Links:

Chemistry 102

Course Notes:

General, Organic and Biological Chemistry (GOB)
CHEM 231  Organic Chemistry I

Course Links:

Chemistry 231
CHEM 232  Organic Chemistry II

Course Links:

Chemistry 232
CHEM 110  Environmental Chemistry

Course Links:

Chemistry 110
CHEM 116  Introductory Organic and Biochemistry

Course Links:

Chemistry 116
CHEM 120  Preparation for General Chemistry

Course Links:

Chemistry 120
CHEM 141  General Chemistry I

Course Links:

Chemistry 141

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1H NMR Practice Problems
13C NMR Practice Problems
Structure Determination using NMR and IR

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